Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 31, 2006

Laurentian (Former Jack Pine) Hill

Amy on the hill

I joined Amy and her moms, Sue, this past Saturday for some +1 degree skiing. Based on her low fall rate I can say that Amy is a pretty good boarder. I recommend limbering up a little. Sue has to practice a little more to get to Amy’s level though she can board far better than I could. Any mom that snowboards is pretty hip and gets my boarding points regardless.

On the Lift

This was my first return to the hill since I dislocated my shoulder from a failed attemp to land a jump. I still have the lift pass from last year on the day it happened. (Feb 20th 2005) I have to tone my thrill seeking down when it comes to skiing. If I don’t, bad things will happen and I need to save my bones for Mountain biking this summer.

On the Lift
Action shot!!!!!!

Enjoy these pics. If you want to see more, head to the gallery and click on Laurentian Ski Hill 2006.


  1. Well Deny said that I don’t leave comments any more. So I thought I should comment on how good I look on a snow board and that I could try out for the next Olympics! hehehe.
    I am glad that you are enjoying your blog again honey and I will be happy to see another entry soon.

  2. Do my blog entries help you pass the time at work?


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