Posted by: denisbuchwald | January 25, 2006

Buckwild Back Up Again!!!

Hey Folks,
If it takes a catastrophic harddrive failure to prompt a new post entry so be it. I am sure the readers are not complaining because of my misfortune.
Addressing Scott GC’s comment on about my site…. I am spending that 8 bucks a month to start my own hosting company, though I should purchase some extra drives first.

What happened
Well I kind of started to get into the downloading files and burning them hobby. Lets just say that those files are huge AVIs. At some point in time during a burn to DVD, my harddrive crapped out and I lost about 4.3 gigs of stuff. I had a MYSQL script backing up my databases but that was not working. I also copied over all my wordpress, gallery and what I thought was everything from MySQL to a safe location. Fortunately I had a PQDI image from October which I used to return my drive to a perfect state again.
What happened to MySQL? No body knows. I guess some of the post table files belonged to the 4.3 gigs of crapped out data. Even undelete programs and partition deletion programs could not find my missing post files. and as a result I have lost 2.5 months of posts. 😦
I think I upgrade to Drupal just like the harding boys.

That reminds me… Thanks Dave, for hosting a “Buckwild Down” page. Dont delete that as I may need it in the future.

I shall get some posts out a little quicker folks.


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