Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 22, 2005

15 Bucks off your Gas Bill

Noma 5+1+1

I have been told by a good friend of mine, that if you purchase a programmable thermostat and submit your receipt and rebate before December 15, you get 15 bucks off of your next gas bill (after they process it).
Here are the details… Union Gas Rebate

Regardless of the rebate, I bought a programmable thermostat to try and save a bit of money on the gas bill. Aside from it being a digital thermostat with some cool features, you can set times of day when you want the temperature to be a few degrees lower than norm. When you are at work or sleeping you don’t really need the temp at 19 or 20 so the P-thermostat sets it at 17 or what ever you choose. Just before you get home from work, the thermostat heats your place up again. The savings are said to be around 33% a year.
Here is the model I purchased and BTW right now it’s on sale regularly 59.99 now 29.99 at CanadianTire.
Noma 5+1+1 Programmable Thermostat


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