Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 19, 2005

Tiger Direct or Giant Tiger

Tiger Direct OR Giant Tiger Logo

When I say Tiger, I mean Tiger Direct not Giant Tiger. Sometimes I think they both buy up goods from trucks that roll over too many times. Never buy refrubished from either store!! I still like Giant Tiger though. It’s the only place I know where you can get some really nice Tony Hilfiger stuff. And going to Giant Tiger mean you’re having poutine for supper (Sturgeon falls GT). But there are no deals on harddrives @ Giant Tiger and that’s what this post is really about.

So I bought a new 160 Gig 16M Buffer Harddrive for 80 bucks from Tiger. Lets hope Buckwild and the gallery are loading a little faster now. I had upgraded from an 80 Gig using Drive image pro to copy my drives last night. What a quick and dirty way to transfer drives. Anyway, it seems faster today… Gigidy! Gigidy!


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