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Domain Name
Well, after the lads (Scott M and Paul H) bugged me enough about registering, I finally did. It took about 10 mins of my time to set up and only 14 bucks a year. It’s done. Please bookmark my new address.

There are so many possibilies from here especially if I offer to sell it. It’s much more marketable than or Who would want to buy one of those?
But, well I bet I could cause a bidding war on ebay. For now I’ll just use it for my blog.

Web Hosting
I still host my own web space, a reason why buckwild might be unavailable, especially if I turn my computer off for the night. In order for the new domain name to route to my home computer a few things extra had to be done. You need to point your domain to a DNS service that can manage your web zones. Scott helped me setup Zone Edit so that I could point my domain dynamically to my address. And we also set-up a direct route from to my home computer so as to circumvent dyndns completely since I will no longer be distributing dyndns nor using it. So if you visit either address, ( or you still get to my web server located in the spare room @ 616 Oakwood. It’s Pretty neat, and pretty cheap for now. The draw back from hosting at home… my gallery load rathers slowly as I am only averaging 70K/Sec upload. Sorry folks!

Welcome to from your host!
Deny B


  1. Hey — Remind me to help you setup directupdate so it will repoint your site when your computer is shut (or shot) down.

  2. I like the sound of that. A polite way of saying that I am not up and running.


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