Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 6, 2005

Pancake Guy

Pancake Guy

I came across this pic from my archives and thought I would share it. One weekend this summer, @ Amy’s cottage, we had a smoken good breakfast of pancakes and sausages. My pancake guy was happy about the whole thing until he discovered his fate. Get in my belllly!!!

Oh, did I say blueberry pancakes…. Mmmm Blueberry.


  1. Mr. Pancake is cool.

  2. We should have another brunch party soon.

  3. We can have a brunch party anytime. I enjoyed the selection this thursday.
    It all started out as a work thing with amy’s friends to watch survivor but sometimes the turn out is less than the yield of food so it was cool to have you and dave over too for the company and the hungry appetites


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