Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 3, 2005

You mean I can chase leaves

Nellie in the leaves
Nellers in the leaves

Both cats were a little surprised to be given the freedom to chase the leaves, lie in the grass and pick up flees for 5 mins. Just kidding, no flees but a couple of cats with the taste of outside.
Sugar, the cat at the bottom, can time the door opening perfectly and usually sneak out a couple of feet before getting nabbed. I thought I would let them both out since they try so hard on their own with out success. Can’t let em loose all the time!

Sugar in the leaves
For those that don’t know, Nellie is Sugars Aunt.


  1. Cool.. well I will be ready to pick up Mr. Sugar from his vacation soon, maybe tommorrow. I have on thing left to paint that I can’t get white cat hair on while the paint dries…

    Thanks for taking care of him while I renovated the house Deny…

  2. Your welcome Dave.
    Give me a shout when you are all set.
    I have cold ones in the fridge too.

  3. You are always trying to get my boyfriend drunk – good job! Keep it up!

  4. Niether of these two has anything on Mocca. Now there is a cat that does nothing all day but plan getting outside. She will set up a fort or blind days in adavnce just to hope you don’t notice she is by the door. Man she loves eating grass.

    Also on a side note. Dave and Deny, I have cold ones in my fridge. You can come out and get them if you like.

  5. Thats an $1100 dollar cold one! Dont get me wrong cause they are worth it, but I have some $1.20s in the fridge and I need to stick to them until all the house stuff is done with.

  6. Scott has beer? I thought you were off the brews for good Scott?

    Plus Deny its not that much for gas for the motorcycles to Calgary and back. We could get there in 24hrs…

  7. I bet we could do it in 20 hRRs.

  8. maybe, once we go out of Ontario and away from the pOPPo … its about 3150kms one way. Thats about 15 tanks of gas, at about $17 a tank for premium, so $255 bucks on way for gas. Do a oil change there and one when we get back, and no 2km wheelies.

  9. No doubt, It would be a sturgeon stretch once we hit the prairies of course with two wheels on the ground except when getter out of first.


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