Posted by: denisbuchwald | October 2, 2005

Last good week of riding

Deny and the CBR
As I enjoy this beautiful week, I know it wont last. So I am going to get out on the CBR as much as I can. The pavement is nice and sticky in this kind of sun. Anyway, I am out of here to get some riding in, and maybe a wheelie of two.


  1. I hope it stays at the temperature it is now becuase its really nice out (even though i dont go out that much eh Denis) but i hope you can get in a couple more days of biking out of this month.

  2. Hello Honey
    Well, we did go for a ride together durning the day for once and within seconds of leaving the drive way from our house we almost bit the dust. It was kinda scary and it did not happen only once but twice. The second time it was heading down the waterfront, the bike slipped a bit. Man after that I had to take a break at my parents house, but of coarse Deny was fine. It took me two rides up Lee’s road to feel totally comfortable again. I hope we are able to go out again a couple of times with less excitement.

  3. No need to worry little lady I just had to kick into mountain bike mode. Awwa ahhha ahhha.

  4. Wait, you ride a mountain bike, how many times have you done that this year.

    Wait probably more than me this year. I have not ridden my mountain bike all that often mainly because I enjoy riding my road bike to much. But still.


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