Posted by: denisbuchwald | September 28, 2005

Killer Strawberries

For those of you who don’t know, I play hockey. I learned how to skate when I was 11 and learned how to stop on skates when I was 12. In fact I sucked so bad that people were able to convince the league that I should play in a level lower than my age.
I have never been a great hockey player. In fact I think I would rank better in the world over all as brain surgeon than a hockey player. But for North Bay, playing as an alumnus of the Canadore College league, at the age of 28, with a computer geek career, I’m ok. I can skate fast with out falling down and sometimes I’ll score but I’d rather pass. And that’s the truth!
Ok now that I have read what I just wrote I think I am better than I honestly rank myself.
Killer Strawberries Logo
But what is this Killer Strawberries thang. Well its the name of the hockey team that I am playing for the 3rd consecutive year. As an alumnus of Canadore College I am permitted to play with the recreational leagues there within. The strawbs have been around since the 80’s I think. Their main players are teachers @ canadore and some of the have been students in the past. Let’s just say that if my student # is 19613523, which it is, then their numbers would be between 8 and 12. You figure that joke out.

Well the strawbs invited me to be a member of their team, of course with a probationary period, and I have been around for a few years now maybe because I’m holding my own, or maybe it’s just because they collect 14o bucks from me each year to play when the entry for each player is only 50. I don’t know but to pay a tribute and a thank you to my team I have create a blog for them. If it takes off as being a popular Web log I suggest you check in now and then for a dose of humor, sarcasm, mediocrity and bull$#!%.
Anyway, it’s the digital era and with the unique-ness and history, and nothing to do with fame, I present to you the Blog of the Killer Strawberries.
The Killer Strawberries Hockey Club
Hopefully they don’t kick me off the team for creating an unsanctioned site.


  1. Between 8 and 12!!!!!!!
    Sheesh, you’ll be benched!

  2. I gotta put the slightly older guys down as my duty as a young buck. I put your student number between 23-37 ok.


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