Posted by: denisbuchwald | September 28, 2005

Amy's In the House

Amy, the dearest of the dear has moved in to 616 Oakwood with me.
Her parents waived goodbye from the driveway, then the street, then the corner by the old oak tree as she rode off to start a new life somewhere other than home, with a boy and his cat.

I think their cool with it now that the grocery bills are cheap and boyfriends are not around to dwindle their beer supply. But deep down inside I know that they yearn not for the sound of foot steps late at night of their daughter returning home, nor the need to replenish the ice cream so frequently. They will miss me. I won’t be around as much to talk guy stuff to Mr. VM. I won’t be around as much to smooze Mrs VM by making remarks that suggest she is younger than her age . I won’t be around to eat that 5th plate so it doesn’t get thrown out. But this is about Amy and I know that Ben the family Dog will miss Amy. He won’t get walked as much and he certainly won’t get over fed on bone treats.

Welcome Amy, I’m glad you are here so try not to give me the gears about spending so much time on the computer before bed.
Anyway, goodnight, I’m heading off to bed….


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