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Vo VOIP is the new way to go and I signed up. For $12.50 + Tax you get the VOIP service which is telephone service via your internet connection. *Voice Over Internet Protocal*

Ya that’s right, a phone in your house for 12.50 with call answer, call waiting, call display, call bla bla bla and 5cents a min long distance. For 19.99 your add a pretty decent long distance package too.
You get a VOIP router and your assigned a valid phone number and you don’t need stinking BELL any longer. My number is kind of funky for North Bay. Its in the (705) 223 range.

I like it, its been working well, the phone quality is still good, its cheap 🙂 so far. However, there are more points of failure than with BELL because of the nessesary equipment . 😦

A little about VOIPING…. I took my VOIP router, plugged it in, jack that into my houses phone system, but made sure I disconnected the incoming Bell line from the demarcation point, and viola. All the phones in house had a dial tone!

For the computer end of it, I plugged my wireless router into the LAN side of the VOIP router and I was good to go. Don’t be mistaken like I was, because the VOIP box is a router and firewall. You might need to configure it to suit your needs. Vianet only gives you a single IP so if you are with them you must feed off of the VOIP box. This means that if you have your own router plugged into the VOIP router your are routing through 2 Networks (2 subnets)
Possible VOIP setup

I like to remote connect to my computer etc… so I had to look up the Linksys RT31P2, which is my model, so I could log in and open some ports.
If you get a VOIP box, your internet provider may not give you the instructions or a clue how to access the VOIP router. Vianet just gave me the VOIP router and power cord. Nothing else. I suggest finding out what model you have and change the Admin password just to be safe.
And you can also disable remote upgrades Dave!
But I wouldn’t really mess with anything else but the password unless you know what you are doing.

If you want to know more about VOIPING leave a comment.


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