Posted by: denisbuchwald | September 1, 2005

New House Nostalgia

House in Hands
Amy and I bought a house and we picked up the keys yesterday (Wed Aug 31). It sits empty @ 616 Oakwood if anyone would like to drop by and leave some stuff. If you could, I need a patio set, barbeque and maybe some of those Canadian tire solar lights for the walkway.

I think Amy is expecting to move in near the end of September and for myself, well probably Sept 29th. So once we get in there and settle I will send out an email and post an invite on my blog to come join us for a small house warming party..

People have asked me how excited I must be, but oddly enough I am not as excited as I expected. The concept of owning a house and the fact that the house, the bricks, the grass, the driveway is all yours to do what you want is indeed overwhelming. A house has value as sits there but it also has costs associated with every element it presents. I am too consumed with thinking about what I have to do to keep it perfect, to preserve it, to improve it and protect it. And there is another factor related to my preparedness
My room at the apartment is messy. Ya I think it’s clean and tidy but that’s just because my messes are contained to small areas. I recognise that I neglect certain areas of my life style but every time I move, I make an improvement somewhere because I have the chance to purge my living spaces and evolve my ways to increasing my awareness and subconscious to control atrophy. Each time I move I think I get better and in fact I do.

But now we (Amy and I) have a house providing us with yet another chance to evolve. This time chasing the challenge of organization, presentation, atrophy control to a level far beyond anything experienced as a tenant. Seemingly overwhelming for this guy. I know it and you might know that Amy, I consider, is just about the cleanest and organized person this side of Clarence :). How will I keep up with her… evolution? Regardless of neat and tidy-ness, how can I change to protect my investment? What about keeping my property secure and safe as well as protecting anyone in it.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if someone broke into your house or messed with your stuff? Aside from your things, your house needs you and so do the people in it. I have never looked at an apartment as a place where I needed to worry about security and protection. Isn’t that something that everyone things about? I use to just care about was my car and bike before this. Now I have newer responsibilities and concerns.

So I guess my point is that your first home is more than a deed and a material structure with a dollar value. Its more than your own place where you call the shots. It’s more than a cosy crib where one day you will grow your new family. Its a personal evolutionary step. Its an opportunity to grow, to mature, to develop, whether you want to or not.

Now on a lighter note… I am excited to get things setup after all its just another move right. And who likes to drag that out. So congratulation to Amy and I. She will be fun and challenging in a good way, to live with.


  1. Deny, you think too much 🙂


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