Posted by: denisbuchwald | August 25, 2005

Fly In Fishing trip

Coburn Lake Cottage

This past weekend my friend Gary and my Uncle flew into a small remote lake near Haliburton where we stayed in a cabin Gary had built for his Fly-In business. It was a decent place complete with 8 beds, kitchen, stove, sink, screened-in dinning area, patio and picnic table
Just think, all the materials to build this cabin were flown in with a Cesna. Gary has 3 differenct cabins each on their own small lake, and each being the only cabin on the lake. If anyone is interested in spending some vacation time in at a remote lake and really feel the camping life as its meant to be, let me know and I can see about setting up a personal fly-in.


  1. I’ll have to agree….it was a great time with no one around for miles…This is definitely the best of the annual pilgrimages that we have had…still warm at night…and no bugs…
    Can’t wait for next year!!


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